Monday, November 4, 2013

Facing The Truth About Your Affiliate Program Can Help You Boost Your Traffic And Sales!

First of all, if you don't have your own affiliate program that you are in complete control of, then you DON'T have you own affiliate program. If you don't own the database or are not at least able to download it, then you DON'T have your own affiliate program. If you have a limit on the number of products, price, or limited control of your creatives, then you DON'T have your own affiliate program. If you can NOT directly contact your affiliates, then you DON'T have your own affiliate program, someone ELSE does!How can you fix this?Running your own affiliate program gives you full control and allows you to boost your sales significantly. Your product is the life-blood of your business and your affiliates are the arteries. Don't entrust that to just anyone.Your affiliates are your salesmen; they are the officially-licensed resellers of your product or service. Train them, massage them and treat them right! You can't do that with a system you have no control over.An automated affiliate management program allows you to easily train, manage, pay and reward your affiliates, all from one central nerve center. You have complete control over everything about your affiliate program.When you got your first job, you were trained how to do it, right? Well, the same holds true for your affiliates. Train them on how to sell your stuff. An automated affiliate management program effortlessly manages this process for you. It also imposes NO limits on price, the number of products, or messages you can send to your sales force (affiliates) either.The system should also allow you to upload both text and graphic ads and banners to your affiliate center. That is where your affiliates go to grab their affiliate code, banners and text for their promotional efforts. You can come up with your own creatives and upload them, ready-made for your affiliates to use in all types of promotions (i.e. banners, classifieds, ezines, lists, etc.).You can also use your autoresponder(s) to set up a training series for your affiliates that teaches them exactly how to promote your program. You can view sales and conversion stats for your affiliates. They can also view their own stats, but the beauty is that you can use this information to direct messages to certain groups of affiliates.For instance, you can send a special message to your strong affiliate(s) offering them a larger commission as an incentive to promote your program harder. You could also use the statistical data from your affiliate center to target those struggling affiliates. You can even inquire and direct more focused training or help their way.You run YOUR affiliate program with complete control! You can set up trackers for the banners and ads so you can track banner campaigns, or just see how well your classified ad pulls. Be creative; do it your way. That's the real power in having your own robust affiliate program that you control. You have the flexibility to run it the way you want.You can find stand-alone affiliate software, or affiliate management software in many places on the Internet. Simply perform a search for it in your favorite search engine. There are also many hosted systems that don't require you to mess around with any new software up-loads and learning curves. A program like this is best if you want a robust, integrated system that you can simply plug your products into and get bookin' with some sales! Integrated systems also tie in many other features, like sequential autoresponders, list management and email marketing capabilities, ad tracking, expense tracking and product management functionality.Rigid systems like ClickBank are good, but you have no control over it and NO database. Your affiliate database belongs to ClickBank. Don't get me wrong. ClickBank has its place, but if you have your own product/service and you're serious about your e-business, then you need to have full-control over every aspect of your e-business. Letting someone else have your database is like having no business at all. What the heck is that?Online, hosted systems were created just for this purpose - Total e-business automation, from click to sale. You Have Control - You Own The Database - You Set Your Limits - PLUS, it is integrated with all of your business's other marketing and ecommerce functions for a Total Kick Butt - Take No Prisoners All-In-One E-Business Automation System!Don't forget the stand-alone programs that run from your website that you completely own outright. These, you have to configure and upload to your server. You may have to create a database and edit some scripts in order for this type of affiliate program to work correctly. If you're that savvy, then a stand-alone system may be what you need. However, if you don't have time and/or the expertise, an existing hosted solution is your best option. They are already tested and proven and just waiting for you to plug your business in.That's the secret to increasing your traffic and your sales using affiliate management programs. You face the truth about your affiliate program, realize the opportunities, choose your option then, execute!