Monday, November 4, 2013

Affiliate Project X Review - Affiliate Secrets Exposed?

I am sure you have heard about the latest addition to Affiliate Marketing guides to arrive on the scene, Affiliate Project X. If you have not I suspect you will soon.Now I am not a Super Affiliate, no where near it, yet. With skepticism I decided to give Affiliate Project X a look, here is my honest review:Part 1: the Basics (but let's be brief)The first chapter starts by making readers aware that Affiliate Project X is not an "exhaustive welcome to affiliate marketing manual...A large part of the manual is focused on actual methods needed to make money". Chapter 1 of Affiliate Project X primarily introduces and covers the basics of Affiliate Marketing. So if you do not yet know how to get a domain name or web hosting it's not covered here. The basics of Affiliate marketing and affiliate networks as well as the importance of product selection are covered. These are covered well for those that may be new to Affiliate Marketing. It's a good beginning but nothing really earth shaking. Kind of what I was expecting, nothing much really. The reader of Affiliate Project X is assumed to have at least the most basic of knowledge of Internet marketing.Chapter 2 Affiliate Project X MethodsIn chapter 2 of Affiliate Project X I found six money making affiliate marketing methods covered in startling detail. Each one with it's own unique twist. With names like The Leech, The Affiliate Diary, The Workhorse Method, Thief in the Night, Copy the best 2, and The Opportunist. The in-depth way Affiliate Project X is written sets it a part from any previous e-books on affiliate marketing I have read. With the techniques revealed in this chapter and the step by step way in which each method is presented. The author Chris states they are "written to be copied". Templates and live money making examples are also used to serve as examples.Chapter 3 Affiliate Project X Advanced MethodsChapter 3 of Affiliate Project X covers some advanced areas that many affiliate marketers overlook. Some of these techniques and methods the experienced affiliate marketer may already use others are totally unique to Affiliate Project X. Covered are Link cloaking, Tracking affiliate sales, Adding 30% to our sales, Backend Promotions, and Underrated promotion methods covered.Affiliate Project X revealed some new Affiliate Marketing methods and techniques that the so called Super Affiliates use. It appears the author of Affiliate Project X wrote this for affiliate marketers of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced.Affiliate Project X is a guide that I that is informative in learning the techniques and methods of the Super Affiliates. I found Affiliate Project X is truly a revealing sometimes ruthless guide on Affiliate Marketing. Whether I use all of these methods and techniques or not, Affiliate Project X is an eye-opener to recognizing what the competition is doing and how.