Monday, November 4, 2013

Adapting To The Changing Face Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been used by brick and mortar retailers and exclusively online business, to develop their presence online. By engaging in symbiotic relationships with their affiliates, these businesses were able to increase their sales without a corresponding increase in advertising.
But as the affiliate environment changes, affiliate programs must change as well.Affiliate marketing has proven itself to be an effective Internet marketing strategy because it rewards people for their efforts to promote a company, which otherwise would have to solely rely on advertising.In the past the majority of affiliates relied on advertising their affiliate links through search engines such as Google and Overture. This technique only remained useful as long as the competition from other affiliates, and the company itself, had a smaller reach than the market demand for the product or service being offered.But as competition grew among affiliates the effectiveness of using search engine advertising diminished. This was in part to the fact that the major search engines required affiliates to let visitors know that they were affiliates.Since most people prefer to click on links that they feel will connect them directly with the company, the response rate of those affiliate ads decreased.In response to this change the affiliate community has had to resort to innovative tactics to bring traffic to their affiliate links.Sites such as [] have responded to this shift in the market by introducing strategies and plans that will allow affiliates to gain affiliate commissions without purchasing advertising on the search engines.Even among large advertisers there has been a shift in their method of online advertising. While many in the past had relied purely on pay per click programs, they have now moved towards content and community based advertising.Affiliates have also responded to he changing online marketplace by advertising their affiliate programs through offline methods. Some of these offline methods have included magazine display advertising, post card mailings, and flyer distribution.The affiliate marketing business is constantly in flux as affiliates look for ways to draw customers through their links. Careful affiliates also keep a close eye on the bottom line, to make sure that the affiliate program that they are promoting covers their expenses.Another important subject covered by [] is the need to compare and contrast affiliate programs to decide on the right affiliate program to be involved with.Successful affiliates monitor industry trends to select affiliate programs which seem promising. They track announcements by affiliate managers to see what information they can learn to help them increase the profitability of their affiliate businesses."Affiliates have shown that this is an effective model which relies more on ingenuity and creativity, than on a large sized corporate advertising budget," said Donny Lowy, the author of Selling Online: Beyond eBay.