Monday, November 4, 2013

Big Ticket Items - 6 More BIG Benefits To Selling As An Affiliate

Today, we're going to cover 6 More BIG Benefits to selling Big Ticket items
as an AFFILIATE.First, we had better define both Big Ticket Item and Affiliate.A Big Ticket Item is any product or service that sells for more than $500 or
$1000.An Affiliate is someone who sells other people's products.Or, at least, those are my definitions. I'm sure there are other possible
definitions but for this article, let's stick with the simple descriptions I've
given, ok?Now, let's take a close look at benefits.Benefit #1: Perks, Perks, PerksYou often get other types of perks or fringe benefits on Big Ticket items
besides your percentage of the sale.Let's take seminar or workshop seat sales as an example. As a seminar affiliate,
your job is to "put butts in seats". So, if a seminar ticket costs $4997 and
your affiliate fee is $1000 per seat, you sell 5 seats and you make $5000. Not
bad!But, in many cases, the seminar promoter also offers a deal where if you sell so
many seats, you can go to the seminar for FREE! They might run a "Sell 3, Go for
Free" campaign. So, not only do you make $5000 but you get to attend the $4997
seminar for free.And sometimes the seminar promoter will offer an additional cut of the sales if
you sell over a minimum number of seats to their event. So, if you sell over 10
seats, you might get an additional $500 for every seat over 10 you sell. Even if
this isn't offered, you can often negotiate a deal like this with the promoter.These are just a few examples. There are many other types of perks that are
available or that you can negotiate.Benefit #2: Super Affiliate ExtrasLet's say you get really good at affiliate selling Big Ticket Items. You could
become known as a super affiliate. A super affiliate is simply an affiliate who
is capable of generating a significant percentage of the sales of any affiliate
program.In other words, you are "kicking butt" and producing more sales and revenue than
many if not all of the other affiliates in a product owners affiliate program.Now, most product owners, if they are smart, know that it is vital for them to
recognize and reward these super affiliates. After all, they are selling more
product then anybody else and they want to encourage them to continue to do so.So many product owners will give a higher percentage of product sales to super
affiliates. If normal affiliates receive 50% of each sale, super affiliates
might get 65% to 75%.Super affiliates may also be given advance opportunity to sell new products
being introduced by a product marketer. This means they get to sell the new
product before all the other affiliates are allowed access to it.Plus, if you are the super affiliate, you can often negotiate other benefits,
tailored specifically to what you want for selling these Big Ticket items.Benefit #3: Multiple Streams of IncomeAs an affiliate, you can help market multiple Big Ticket Items. These items can
come from the same or different product owners. And the products can be focused
at the same or different target markets.So even if one product has a slow down in sales, the other products may be doing
fine.Now, I am not telling you to go out and become an affiliate for a ton of
different Big Ticket items. You still need to choose products you believe in and
that are of high quality. In the long term, this will serve you much better than
a "scatter-gun" approach to Big Ticket affiliate sales.But, the ability to chose several high quality Big Ticket items to market as an
affiliate, means that you can diversify your income streams so that you are not
dependent on one stream alone should the market slow in that area. Robert Allen
calls this Multiple Streams of Income.It's just a sound business concept that you should follow, even as an affiliate!Benefit #4: Differentiate or Die!There are a ton of products and product owners out there running affiliate
programs. Many of these programs are marketing or selling E-Books or other low
profit items. How will you differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates
flogging the same low ticket products?I believe that the best way to set yourself apart from others is to sell Big
Ticket items as an affiliate. Many existing affiliates are uncomfortable selling
items with a big price tag because they have a hard time justifying the value of
the product to themselves.This is why it is so important to sell only items you believe in. Your belief in
a product comes from you having carefully evaluated the product and ensuring its
high quality, yourself.But once you understand the benefits a product can provide, it's very easy to
sell the product to others, even when it costs a lot more.And selling Big Ticket items gains you the appreciation and respect of product
providers much more quickly than selling their low ticket items will. That
appreciation can translate into the perks and extras we've discussed on other
sections of this article.Big Ticket Affiliate Selling puts you in another class from those who only do
affiliate sales of low ticket items!Benefit #5: Continuous Residual IncomeAnother type of Big Ticket item is one where the price is not a fixed amount,
one time sale. Instead, the customer purchases a product or service where they
continue to make regular payments.Examples of this type of Big Ticket item are Membership sites, Shopping Cart
Service or Monthly Hosting Fees.Many affiliate programs are setup such that you continue to receive a percentage
or a fixed amount per period (e.g. monthly) as long as the person you sold the
original membership remains a member of that service.For example, the hosting service I use (where I keep my web pages) has an
affiliate program similar to the one I just described. For each person I sign up
for their service as an affiliate, I received $10. EVERY MONTH that the
person continues to use their hosting services.Now this doesn't sound like much. But consider this... I only pay around $25 per
month for hosting myself. All I have to do is make 3 affiliate sales of the
service and my hosting is FREE! (3 sales x $10/sale = $30 covering my
hosting costs)Anyway, I think you get the idea that selling as an affiliate for a service
where you get an ongoing cut of the revenue stream is itself a Big Ticket Item
over time. Especially if you sell a lot of them.Benefit #6: Multiple Tiers Means More Profit For You With No More Work!Some affiliate programs are also setup such that you can also make money from
2nd tier sales2nd tier sales are simply any sales of a product that a customer buys from the
same product owner or marketer after the first one that you sell that customer
as an affiliate.Let's look at an example.Let's say you sell an internet market marketing home study system for $1499 as
an affiliate to Customer X.You get 50% of the sale or $749.50.Customer X is very happy with the product and decides to buy the ADVANCED
internet marketing home study system directly from the creator of the original
home study system for $2499.Now, you were not involved in the 2nd sale at all. But because the affiliate
system you joined was of the 2 tier variety, your agreement with that affiliate
program says that you get 25% of all future sales of any products in the
affiliate program to the same customer you original brought in for the first
sale.So because Customer X is buying another product within the same affiliate
program and he was originally sold his first product by you... You get 25% of that
sale. In this case $624.75.And you weren't even involved in the second sale! Nice!And that wraps it up for 6 More Big Benefits To Selling Big Ticket Items As An
Affiliate.Copyright (C) 2005 Chuck Daniel, Like Magic Marketing, LLC - All Rights Reserved.