Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Canadian Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting is the business of providing server space for websites on the Internet. Some web hosts also additional services such as website creation. Web hosting is the service provided by a web hosting company, which includes storage, connectivity, and other services necessary to operate files from a website.Reliability is the most important feature of a web host. This is defined as the percentage of upload time the web hosting providers guarantee. The clients do not accept anything under 99.5% of uptime. Most of the top Canadian web- hosting solutions guarantee 99.9% uptime.There are many top web-hosting companies situated in Canada. These top Canadian companies provide web space to companies to upload information regarding their products and other services on the World Wide Web. This includes a secure Web server to manage all the web pages and process online transactions. They may also offer to design and develop the entire website for their clients. These top Canadian web-hosting companies can also help build virtual catalogs and front offices for the company's services and products.Many top Canadian web hosting companies also provide their clients with discount or low-cost web hosting. This enables the companies to outsource their web site design requirements to professionals. These discount web page hosting service provider companies can create animated, plain text based or interactive web pages according to their client's requirements. They usually have hyperlinks to other web pages in the same website or different websites. This enables the visitor to easily navigate through the website and instantly view the information provided.LFC hosting is a web hosting company that is considered reliable and professional. It is one of the topmost web hosting companies in Canada. DAYANA host is another top company that caters to its clients' needs with professional web hosting solutions.All these companies' servers are not necessarily based in Canada but they are originally a Canadian web hosting company. These top companies provide their customers with excellent service. They are considered to provide superior network reliability as well.